curing a child by the osteopathy



Prune Kost, osteopath for everyone © Norbert Pousseur      Prune Kost, osteopath for hyperactivity © Norbert Pousseur


Following a fracture of the elbow this August of 2017, the reopening of my office will be in January 2018, at a new location in Oberrohrdorf.

You can join right now for this January,
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Osteopathy for everyone For everyone : the osteopathy doesn't cure everything but always helps. The osteopathic treatment is suitable for anyone from birth to a very advance age, because it stimulates the self regulation ability of the body and the healing process in respect of the need of the person. The osteopathy is as much healing than preventive.

Osteopathy the infertility The infertility : some couples despite their strong wish to have a child, doesn't succeed The osteopathy contribute successfully to solve cases of functional infertility with technics to re establish the bony and visceral mobility to increase the physiology of the reproductions systems.

Osteopathy for the pregnancy The pregnancy : it is a privileged moment in a woman's life, but sometime it is hard for her to care at the same time for the baby to be and for her. The osteopath with gentle and carefull technics will give her a hand to support her in the transformation process and keep a balance within every level of her body.

Osteopathy the newborn baby The newborn baby : the birth process, as much a vaginal delivery as a C-section, is a difficult moment for the baby. The osteopath with very gentle technics will correct the tensions which affect the infant mostly in the head or the pelvic region.

Osteopathy for  the hyperactivity Learning disorder and hyperactivity : we are born with a cognitive potential and a specific cerebral way to process informations which because of the neuroplasticity ability of the brain is able to change at any moment of our life. The osteopathy with cranial and visceral technics helps this neuroplasticity faculty process to happens.



The osteopathy practice is situated in the region of Baden,
in Fislisbach (5442) Dorfstrasse 1  -  Tel : 079 823 70 37